Since opening our doors to the public in 2016 we’ve gathered nearly two thousand positive reviews, turned tourists into regulars, and cemented ourselves at the top of the food chain. Get it? Food chain? Anyways, we’ve been called a “hidden gem” for the last time! In this blog post, we aim the spotlight at ourselves; we aim to show you what we’ve got. Keep reading.

Location, Location, Location

Away from the hustle and bustle that is Puerto Rico’s metropolitan area, Ekelekua sits on the more peaceful part of the island. Puerto Rico’s east coast is home to El Yunque, Fajardo’s Marina, some incredible beaches, and more. So, if you’re visiting the island and plan to explore the east coast (as you should) there are 9/10 chances you’ll find us on Google when searching for “best restaurants near me”. 

Breakfast until 3:00 pm

If you don’t think about it, we’re basically heroes. Jokes aside, if you wake up late -worry not! Our breakfast menu is our Mona Lisa and we make sure it’s served long enough. Some of our top sellers include the Dulce de Leche French Toast, Salmon Egg Benedicts, Waffles, and more! You can click on the menu tab above to see the full menu.

“Excellent, great taste, you got to visit. The price is perfect! Best Brunch in Town, yes Sir! I’ve been there for dinner and brunch at other times, love it! My hubby is vegan and loved the Fish and veggie burrito. Delicious!”

Brunch. Bar. Tapas

We take breakfast seriously but don’t mistake that for a lack of attention to the rest of the day. Our menu includes brunch and dinner service -complete with a full bar with happy hour every day from 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Our Paella, Can-Can Pork Chops, and Mofongo are among our top-rated dishes.

The space

As cozy as cozy can be. Nestled in Rio Grande’s tropical scenery, Ekelekua features a relaxing atmosphere ideal to share a meal with the family on your way to some island exploring. Equipped with air-conditioning and ample indoor/outdoor seating space, you and your loved ones are in for a treat. Pun intended.