An island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Rico is blessed to have some of the most beautiful beaches of the world. The capital San Juan features many such gorgeous stretches of white sand. Puerto Rico is quite a desirable spot for a short trip you may need to treat yourself with. Let us take a peek into the famous beaches of Puerto Rico and their specialties.

  • Playa Flamenco: The name comes from its Spanish origin, Playa Flamenco is located on Culebra Island, east of Puerto Rico. The water here is clear and calm and sets up a serene atmosphere for you. The island of Culebra is quite small in size which can be explored quite easily. Water activities like diving and snorkeling attract many tourists here. This place also offers some lovely terrains to go hiking.

  • Sun Bay Beach: Just 8 miles from Puerto Rico’s mainland, there exists another beautiful island by the name of Vieques. The Spanish name is Isla Vieques. The long beach with China white sand is named as the Sun Bay Beach. This beach again is quite a popular spot and tourist attraction. The specialty of this beach is felt on certain nights when the bay glows due to the action of a large concentration of dinoflagellates. You can take a tour in a boat to experience this wonder.

  • Luquillo Beach: At a stretch of 30 miles from San Juan lies one of the prettiest beaches of Puerto Rico. The crescent-shaped stretch of the golden sand along with coconut trees presents a sort of a palm village scene in front of you. Many tourists visit here to get refreshed after a lovely swim or a jog along the shores. This spot also has the El Yunque National Forest, which is one of Puerto Rico’s top natural attractions.
  • Playa Sucia: The word Playa is Spanish for the beach. So the beach of Sucia is situated on Puerto Rico’s south-western tip. This beach is a 10-minute walk from the parking area and it brings you to a land of golden sand and turquoise, clear water. The crowd here is not that dense so you can spend your time enjoying the view in complete serenity. The Cabo Rojo lighthouse is in this area which you can climb up to enjoy an excellent view of the picturesque natural beauty. The ideal time of visit is sunset.

  • Isla Verde: Translating in English, this means Green Island. This island consists of Puerto Rico’s most lavish and expensive beach resorts. This place attracts tourists because of its location and facilities. You can also find many eateries in front of the beach. A perfect place to enjoy your food and drink along the shores.

  • Condado Beach: Condado Beach is called Miami in Puerto Rico. This beach is quite popular and a very favorite spot for tourists. A place to sit, relax and enjoy the view along the shore. People of all age groups are found here and so interaction may be great. Must try here are water sports.