Even though Puerto Rico isn’t particularly known for its vegan culture, we can’t deny it has taken the world by storm. With ever-dwindling resources and no clear way out of it, it’s not hard to see why. Even though we serve traditional meals, we play our part in the global effort to save the planet. We strictly source local, farm-grown produce only and compost our waste! We know this won’t be enough, but we also keep getting better at it. We digress, in this blog post, we’ll go over some of our (100%) vegan dishes that you should try out.


1- Hummus

As smooth, rich, and thick as Luciano Pavarotti himself. Our Hummus is a house favorite for all -vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, and meat-eaters rejoice! Served with pita bread & spices; this a starter you won’t want to end.


2- Veggie Paella

By default, a vegetarian dish, just make sure to let your server know so the Chef skips the butter! This Paella will make you forget about the original one; this veggie-centric & colorful dish and it’s delightful aroma sets you up for the rest of the day.


3- Veggie Pesto Pasta

Beautifully healthy in more ways than one; this dish is often ordered by meat-eaters. No further questions your honor! Rich, homemade pesto, and local vegetables like spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, cherry tomato, red onions & red pepper -what’s not to like!


4- House Salad

If you’re trying to keep it light, go with our lovely house salad of mixed greens, feta cheese, walnuts, cranberries & strawberry dressing. Again, just make sure to ask for no cheese, please.


5- Veggie Wrap

A vegetarian favorite that you can easily convert to vegan! Feta cheese, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, purple onions, red and green bell peppers served with taro root chips. Just make sure to ask your server to make a note to skip the cheese and you should be set.

If you’re trying to avoid expensive resort food while vacationing this beautiful island, you can find us on your way to El Yunque (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico).